Mystic Brew

I may have been as shocked as anyone when I quickly picked Mystic Brew as my favorite coffee of the moment.  If I had time to think about it, I may have picked a single origin so I could tell a great story about one of our farmer groups. Yet, Mystic Brew is what popped out of my mouth.  And this probably is a testament to the coffee itself. It lives up to its name because it truly is haunting. It sounds strange, but the various flavors seem to take turns in the forefront before slowly fading out. Eventually the whole coffee starts to invade one's thoughts. I tend to drink this one when I'm alone and have time to unwind and let my thoughts wander - almost like a drinking meditation.

Greg - outreach manager. 

After just one sip of this medium-dark roasted blend, you will find insights into the mysteries transcending all human knowledge.  After a few more sips you will, you'll feel like you're floating through space seeing the matrix that holds the universe together.

And all along the way, you'll taste notes of dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla.  

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