Kaldi's Dog

I taste so many coffees every day that it's difficult to pick my favorite - even when asked "what do I like right now?" However, this blend has been a constant favorite of mine.  The blend was created years ago for a particular discriminating wholesale customer. Over the years we've tweaked it just a bit.  It's a consistent well balanced medium-dark roast that offers a full body without giving up nuanced notes.

Charles - Roasting Co. general manager


Legend has it that an Ethiopian goat herder discovered coffee about 800a.d. Kaldi and his dancing goats have been popular names for coffee shops and coffee blends for years. We named this blend after Kaldi's dog, whose important historic role leading the flock often gets overlooked. 

With notes of blueberry, dark chocolate, and vanilla, this blend has become a favorite of dog, history and coffee lovers worldwide.

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