Ethiopia Sidama Unwashed

I chose this as my favorite Coffee of the Moment because creating this new website brought back so many memories of my 2002 trip to Ethiopia - the birthplace of coffee.  The "big deal" of the trip was of course helping to import the first container (40,000 lbs) of Fair Trade Ethiopian coffee to the USA.  Yet so many other memories. We traveled to all the major coffee growing communities and all along the way we'd stop for a coffee. There, the throw-away culture of the 16 oz paper coffee cup doesn't exist.  Instead, we'd stop every few hours for an espresso made on a machine that looked like it had been pieced together over 50 years with spare parts from who knows what. And then when we arrived at our destination, we learned that farmers had made their own hour-long journey to see us -- although their journey was by foot!  If my companions see this, they'll rib me about the moments I embarrassed myself describing the coffee that was made for us in the traditional coffee ceremony. "You'll make me look good, right?" I said to the interpreter; sometimes the excitement of the moment catches up to me and I say more than I should!  And then they'll remind me how I missed many other conversations because I was busy playing soccer with the children.

An amazing trip to an amazing place.  And just one sip of this amazing coffee brings that trip -- my last before coming home to meet my now wife!

 -- Bob


Coffee beans are actually the seeds inside a coffee cherry.  They have natural flavors that can be affected by the processing method.  Unwashed coffees are beans that are sun-dried inside the cherry before pulping. 

The result, is a complex coffee with intense notes of blueberry, orange, rosemary and cinnamon.

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